About Us

Hello everyone! My name is Jane, and I am actually the founder of carloslibedinsky.com, if you haven’t realised already. Well, I am running this blog on behalf of my company, who is interested in arts and crafts. I would like to write out my thoughts and be able to share my views of the world and in arts, which has been my passion for a very long time. I am so lucky I got to be able to do this site! This is my first foray into blogging, so please spare me if I do not write well or I am bad at English… Actually is it my third language.

Anyway, please let me share my views about art:

The artwork has come to be an aspect of society, as well as there’s a terrific factor for this; artwork has the capacity to be distinct to individuals and also may be a method of expression that may be at the same time appealing and also personal to its holder. Art has the possibility to motivate individuals who feel connected to it and create associations in addition to prospects for inspiration that might have in any type of various another case never been produced. Art also supplies understandings within the imagination of individuals, as well as those viewpoints, can range from ideas of pleasure, the possibility for reward, and also in many cases the feelings as well as thoughts like those of a child.

Art is most definitely a source of motivation for both the musician and the individual who possesses the short article. In years previous artwork was indeed motivated by the beauty of the genuine and nonsecular realms and also frequently portrayed conditions in which the both collaborated.

Art comes in many forms, aside from the usual visual arts that we would associate art with. For example, other works of art such as in written literature as the works of Shakespeare and even modern literature and poets such as Edgar Allen Poe and JK Rowling exist. Another type of art form is performance art, which I am not very familiar with and sometimes this is too abstract for me but I honestly would love to have a chance to try it out anyway. Another type of art from would be sound arts, and this can be seen (actually, heard!) from famous pianists and celloists like Yo Ma Ma (yeah, his name is pretty weird but I heard that he is pretty good at what he does).

Art I believe is a source of life, and is the way humans are able to express their feelings, especially in this world that is often cold and unfeeling. Perhaps it is also a way for people to express their sorrows and grief, and in writing overcome it. However, in order for people to appreciate art, we must understand it. There is the notion of psychical distance when it comes to appreciating art in artistic philosophy, which actually I have taken some classes on. Can one even say that pornography is art? Many will argue over this topic time and time again. Why is the statue of David, a naked man, not erotic but another picture of a naked man on video is? This is also what I would like to discuss and hear about.

Anyway, enough about me. Thank you for coming to my blog and reading about what I have to write. I will try to be more professional from now on. Please contact me at admin@carloslibedinsky.com if you would like to reach me, or go over to my contact form at my contact page.